Crew Chief

Crew Chiefs work in the air force and are mainly responsible for ensuring aircraft care. Main areas of responsibility seen on a Crew Chief example resume are overseeing daily maintenance, identifying malfunctions and replacing parts, conducting inspections and maintaining records, and coordinating aircraft care.

Pilot (Rotary & Fixed Wing)

Pilots fly various types of specialized aircraft to transport troops and equipment and to execute combat missions.

Executive Officer

Often referred to as XO, the executive officer takes second-in-command. The XO handles the administrative aspects of the unit with a focus on the day-to-day operational duties. Think of this role as the assistant to the unit commander, so the commander can focus on leading.


The Section Commanders are expected to deliver high-quality training and achieve high standards at all times; they are charged to provide training in drills, weapons handling, live fire coaching, field craft, personnel administration, discipline, and many other military subjects.